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7 Superfoods for Robust Health

How to be Fed and Fueled for Your Future Behind the Wheel

Yay! March is National Nutrition Month, and as a former truck driver turned Registered Dietitian, I can tell you that nutrition is everything when it comes to your health and well-being. Diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer are all connected by the foods you choose to eat day to day and over a lifetime.

Most of us like to eat, I know I do! Enjoying food is one of the pleasures of life. Unfortunately, many of us equate healthy eating with deprivation- we think we must force ourselves to avoid the foods we love and then force ourselves to eat the ‘healthy’ foods.

Stop depriving yourself, you deserve better.

Add these 7 Superfoods to your weekly diet to shift your mental and physical health up to a new level.

1. Nuts- We love them and for good reason. They are high in good fats, protein, Vitamin B and fiber. Eat a wide variety of nuts! Walnuts feed our brains, almonds and pistachios protect our hearts and peanuts contain Vitamin E for everything. Buyer beware though, one handful of nuts contains 200 calories—so after a few scoops the calories will add up quickly. Luckily, nuts are easy to find in just about any service plaza or truck stop.

2. Leafy greens- Could very well be your new BFF because they are packed with nutrients that will nourish your brain cells, preserve your eye-sight and protect you from cancer. Pick up a mixed greens salad with arugula, baby spinach and romaine lettuce and take in the best of Mother Nature.

3. Berries- “Dynamite comes in small packages,” and berries are the dynamite among fruits. Berries are lower in natural sugar and calories than some other fruits while at the same time high in fiber. These nuggets of nourishment provide Vitamin C, antioxidants and improve blood sugar and insulin response. Talk about the Mother Lode of all fruits, berries could be it. If fresh berries are too expensive, try frozen berries blended into a smoothie.

4. Beans- You know, that musical fruit? The more you eat, the more you BENEFIT. Beans and legumes are good for your heart and packed with nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin E, folate and selenium. The biggest power of the bean though is fiber. High fiber beans can lower cholesterol, balance blood sugars, prevent fatty liver and help to control your appetite. Beans fill you up for cheap. For less than a dollar, a can of chickpeas, (garbanzo beans,) will add protein, fiber and vitamins to your day. Roast or air fry some chickpeas on your home time and store in a zip lock bag for easy munching as you drive.

5. Salmon- Fish has been referred to as brain food and salmon will be at the top of the list of fish to choose for this reason. Salmon is high in Omega-3 fats which are good for your brain cells and your joints. Omega-3 foods help to protect us from heart disease, reduce inflammation and helps to balance our blood sugars by stalling insulin resistance.

There is ongoing research in Australia on the benefits of high dose fish oil for children with ADHD, but until that research is completed, just add more cold-water fish to your diet: salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Look for vacuum-packed salmon in the grocery aisles, easy to open and easy to store.

6. Seeds- Tiny little seeds pack a powerhouse of nutrition and will help to clean your colon! Chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds, (not that kind,) have their own unique properties, but I prefer to buy all three of them mixed together and sprinkle on cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, whatever!

Seeds add fiber to your diet without a lot of bulk or calories. Chia and hemp seeds contain protein and flaxseeds have cancer fighting lignans. Although I am promoting whole seeds, know that the Omega-3 in flaxseeds is released when they are ground into a meal and then added to foods.

7. Avocados- Long live “Guac and Roll!” If avocados are a regular part of your diet, pat yourself on the back. Avocados contain an abundance of nutrients that are essential for optimal health including magnesium, B6, potassium, Vitamin E and folate. Fiber and healthy fats round out the glorious reasons to make avocados part of your weekly routine. For ease and convenience in the truck, try the individual servings made by Wholly Guacamole and Sabra, both are good products and can be found in coolers near the produce section of your grocery store.

BONUS! Charles Schulz famously stated, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate doesn’t hurt now and then.” Truth! By a little chocolate we mean a portion size of 3-4 Hershey kisses, just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. Since cacao is the ingredient that is high in heart protecting antioxidants, candy containing 70% cacao will also have less sugar, also good for your heart!

Join me in celebrating March as National Nutrition Month and celebrate your journey to better health by adding the goodness of these 7 high performance foods to your weekly diet. Work them in one at a time until they all become a natural part of your day.

As hard as it may seem when living and working on the road, you CAN improve your diet for the long haul by doing it one step at a time. Consistency counts!

For personalized coaching, contact me and set up a free Discovery Call. We will discuss how you can take the wheel and become a healthy, happy, high performing new YOU.

Bonus! Get my free e-booklet “Learn 7 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure.” Click here and I will send the booklet to you at no cost.

Eat well. Be well.


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