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At Well Driven Nutrition, clients receive specific nutrition tools to help them balance family and career so they can enjoy a full life with the knowledge and habits to make it happen. I listen to my clients and seek to learn what is most important to them: health, family, their values and what brings them the joy and satisfaction they desire to live the life of their dreams.


Clients who work with me become proactive instead of reactive in managing their diet and their health. 


  1. Organize and balance carbs, protein, fat to feel energized and nourished for busy day.

  2. They don’t live, “on a diet,” but learn to eat with an awareness of how they feel and how select foods affect blood sugars.

  3. Manage the timing of their meals. Timing is everything to stay fed properly for life at work, at home and at play! 


Just like a GPS, when we have the right roadmap to manage what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for diabetes, weight loss and other conditions, we travel on a healthy, happy highway that is easy to follow.


Ready to get started? You can redefine your health and your future by taking these 3 easy steps. 

  1. Book a free Discovery Call with me.

  2. We will discuss your specific health issues and I’ll share some action steps you can take right away.

  3. You can begin to live life with nutrition confidence using a customized meal plan to balance blood sugars, lower A1c and shift the scale in your favor. 

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Well Driven Nutrition offers a variety of nutrition counseling services to fit your lifestyle and budget, working virtually from Charleston South Carolina. 

Prior to our first scheduled appointment, I will send a Health History Questionnaire to capture your health concerns, medications, dietary preferences, and lifestyle patterns. 

After I evaluate the questionnaire, we collaborate during the initial consultation on a custom roadmap for you to drive good nutrition habits into your busy lifestyle to achieve the goals that are important to you.

Lynda can guide you on which program is the best option for you. Reach out today to book a  free discovery session so she can help you determine which program is the best option for your health and nutrition needs.

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