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About Lynda Maschek


During the 12 years I drove trucks for a living, I struggled to find balance between work, my commitment to my family, and my health.  I have been in your shoes and I know that caring for family while working is enough to juggle, and I empathize with those who have the additional burden of managing a serious health condition like diabetes.

After my truck driving career ended, I knew I wanted to help people who lived in the whirlwind of work, and caring for family, learn to stay on top of managing their overall health, weight, and diabetes. So, I went to college and became a Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Education and Care Specialist. 

I am living the dream of doing the work I love, which helps people live their own dreams! 

It is possible to balance family and career and live a full life when you have the habits and knowledge to make that happen.

Your Expert Dietitian-Nutritionist

As I work with my clients, people with diabetes and other health issues, we consider their priorities, their lifestyle and their values and weave all of this into a custom plan that helps them to be proactive instead of reactive in managing their health.

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Lynda Maschek RDN, LD, CDCES, ACSM, CHWC

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Well Driven Nutrition Mission

Well Driven Nutrition is committed to helping clients find the confidence to manage their health by driving good nutrition and lifestyle habits so they can remain an asset to their employer, their partner, and their loved ones for the long haul of life.  

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