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Let's Work Together


Overhaul Your Diet

6 weeks

1 hour Clinical consult

Six 30 minute check-ins 

Eat. Real. Food.

You CAN carve out a healthy, whole food lifestyle that is easy on the budget and convenient. Clean eating is not impossible on the road.  I steer you toward smarter ways to eat that meet your individual needs and preferences.

Forget the Diet-of-the-Year syndrome. Enjoying real food has benefits for years to come. 

Take Control of Diabetes

12 weeks

1 hour Clinical phone consult 

Eight weekly 30 minute check-ins

As a Certified Diabetes Educator, I can help you be the best person with diabetes that you can be. We will work together to build the proper nutrition and exercise plan that fits your on-the-go lifestyle. Eat to thrive and create a lifestyle to control your blood sugars.

Whittle Your Middle

Three 30 minute check-ins

Your waistline impacts your bottom line. A spare tire affects your mobility, your health and your well-being. Making subtle changes to your diet, some daily exercise and getting a handle on stress will make you feel better and drive better!


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