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I drove! Now I am a Registered Dietitian and lover of all things related to nutrition, fitness and driving big trucks!

I help women drivers realize the best version of themselves by sharing my passion for healthy living. I teach functional nutrition for women living on the road and real- life exercise to help them control their weight, hormones and diabetes.

  I enjoyed my big rig career for 12 years. Driving felt powerful and made me an essential part of America’s economy. When that company closed and Uncle Sam opened college funding for displaced workers, it was time to pivot. A degree in Food and Nutrition from Youngstown State University led to certifications in Weight Management and Diabetes Education.  Nevertheless, my enthusiasm for my sister drivers never left me, I am still dedicated to our community. I deeply understand the lifestyle challenges of life on the road and I have the skill set to coach you to ride through every goal you want to achieve. Listening, supporting and caring are my Superpowers! Our work together will balance your emotions, body, and soulfire. (Plus, we will have maximum fun in the process.)

In grace and gumption,


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Lynda Maschek RDN, LD, CDE, ACSM, CHWC

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